Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before going away?

Why do I need insurance in Europe if I have the European Health Insurance Card?

What if I lose my passport or have it stolen?

What should I do about money overseas?

What should I do before going away?

No list can be complete but our top tips are

* Remember to cancel all regular deliveries such as milk or newspapers and throw away anything in the fridge that might go off.

* Make sure you have left enough time to book any pets into kennels

* Check everyone’s passport still has 6 months to run after you return as this is a requirement of some immigration authorities and that you have any necessary Visas

* Leave a contact number with a member of your family and / or a neighbour and ask them to check your home from time to time while you are away

* Depending on the time of year, check the UK weather forecast and consider leaving your heating on low, as it can save considerable time and expense if your pipes burst

* Research where you are going and remember to take advice on the vaccinations you need

* Depending on where you are going, don’t over-pack, you’ll be able to buy most things you may have forgotten whilst on holiday

* Make sure that all members of your party have travel insurance with adequate cover and benefit levels – so make sure it’s Rush Insurance

Why do I need insurance in Europe if I have the European Health Insurance Card?

The European Health Insurance Card merely shows that its holder is entitled, in the EU, to free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment only. Whilst such treatment is available in all countries, it is not always free and thus we would always advise that you take out insurance.

What if I lose my passport or have it stolen?

You should always keep a copy of your passport number and personal details page as this will help in the event of needing a new one.
If you lose your passport in the UK there is now a new reporting structure offering a fast and effective way to cancel the lost or stolen passport and so help prevent future misuse of the document and / or your identity.
You now need to complete a new LS01 form to get a replacement.
Within the UK you can obtain these from the following

* UKPS offices

* The passport advice line 0870 521 0410

* The UKPS web site

* Police stations

* Post Offices

If your passport is lost or stolen overseas then immediately report it to the local police and then contact the nearest British Foreign and Commonwealth Consulate, Embassy or High Commission. They will help you to report the loss to the UK passport service and help provide replacement travel documentation.

If other items are also stolen e.g. credit cards then you will need to inform your bank or credit card issuer, so make sure you have the appropriate emergency number with you as they may also be able to help with transferring emergency money to you.

What should I do about money overseas?

There are no hard and fast rules but we would suggest

* Take some local currency with you

* Take the remainder in travellers cheques and remember many destinations will take credit cards

* When you are overseas place your money in a money belt when you are out and about

* If you are staying in a hotel keep your valuables and cash in a safe deposit box (if available)


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